Our Work

Commercial projects

Tuart Park 1

Secret Harbour Land Estate - We were contracted in 2002 to prune certain trees in accordance with an arboricultural report. This Public Open Space had an ever increasing volume of visitors which required an organised and professional work plan to reduce disturbance whilst conducting work.

Tuart Park III

Enterance to Tuart Park III under development. We started pruning the trees in the new Public Open Space in 2006 and working along side the construction company. We completed the works in 2007.


Picture of ECU Joondalup. We have continuously worked in all campuses - Joondalup, Mt Lawley, Churchlands and Claremont since 2004. Pruning and Removing trees within these high amenity areas with as minimal disturbance as possible.

universities 01
newhaven 01


Between 2004 - 2010, we have conducted all facets of arboriculture within this property development for approximately 18 months working closely together with landscape architects and construction companies to build a new suburb.

Governement projects

Hepburn Ave Palms

Phoenix canariensis - "Date Palms" within the median strip along Hepburn Ave. All palms required pruning of dead fronds and trimming the trunk to allow access for lawn mowing and leaving an aesthetically uniformed Street Scape.

Street Tree Pruning

Street trees beautify our roadways and verges. We are engaged by various councils to provide a variety of pruning services within the Streetscapes such as Street Trees and Council Verge pruning.

Marmion Avenue

Certain tree removals and pruning to provide clear access for motorists in conjunction with Main Roads legislation along Marmion Ave.

Pruning projects

EWP Pruning

Examples of Pruning using an Elevated Work Platform. Australian Arborists owns various sized EWP's including 5m self propelled Squirrels, 14m Trailer Mount and 16m, 19m and 24m 4WD Truck Mount, varying from low voltage to high voltage insulated.


Examples of our Arborists climbing residential trees that require pruning where access for an EWP is not available.

Removals projects

South Perth Removals

We were contracted to remove residential trees in South Perth opposite the zoo on Mill Point Rd. We chipped onsite and used basis traffic management directing the traffic to reduce the disturbance to residents, the community and to provide a safer working environment.

Large Tree Removal

Australian Arborists specialises in Large Tree dismantling. These photos are of a large tree removal at ECU Joondalup using a crane and 24m Elevated Work Platform. This removal proved to be strategically challenging however our experience enabled us to perform a safe and successful removal.

Residential projects

Lemon Gum

Myrtaceae Corymbia citriodora. We were contracted to correctively prune this beautiful mature tree as it was damaged in the storms of March 2010. Pruning this tree required the technical skills of an experienced arborist. This tree is on the South Perth foreshore where it was impossible to gain EWP access - it had to be climbed!

Coral Tree

Erythrina indica. Corrective and remedial pruning at its best. This tree is a very typical example of a previously poorly pruned tree (lopped), being strangled by a creeper. Our Arborists managed to remove the creeper and commenced a maintenance program to develop, over time, a suitably shaped tree, leaving it aestheically pleasing as possible.

Tuart Tree

Eucalyptus gomphocephala. We were contracted to prune this natural Australian beauty that was close to a residents newly created driveway. Our aim was to reduce the risk of potential branch or stem failure by pruning the bare minimum branches required whilst ensuring the tree remains natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Stump Grinding

Small Grinder

Our small grinder requires a minimum access width of 75cm. This grinder is perfect for when there is not a lot of access or if the stump is in a somewhat difficult location. (Please note that there are still restrictions when grinding in difficult or unsafe locations)

Large Grinder

Our large grinder requires a minimum access width of 94cm. We have a dedicated 4WD mobile work station for stump grinding. This allows us to travel to the stump location with both of our large and small grinders and enables us to perform minor servicing to the grinders on site (ie: teeth changing) to ensure the job is completed.

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