Certified Arborists for Your Educational Institution in Melbourne, Victoria

Choose Harry’s Yard for unparalleled tree care at your educational institution. Our Certified Arborists in Melbourne specialise in enhancing school landscapes, ensuring every tree promotes a safe, engaging learning environment.

Embrace the benefits of expertly maintained foliage that supports eco-education and student well-being. Trust our team for compliant, aesthetically pleasing, secure green spaces that enrich your school’s educational experience.

  • Tree Surgery & Removal

  • Stump Removal & Grinding

  • Tree Pruning & Lopping

  • Professional Tree Care Specialists

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Comprehensive School Tree Maintenance Services in Melbourne

Ensuring Year-Round Safety and Vibrant Green Spaces

Harry’s Yard offers top-tier School Tree Maintenance Services in Melbourne, expertly tailored to meet the unique needs of educational campuses. Our adept arborists ensure your school's trees are healthy, safe, and beautifully maintained, enhancing the learning environment.

Embrace our commitment to excellence and sustainability as we transform your school’s outdoor spaces into vibrant, educational landscapes, fostering a greener future for students and staff alike. Trust in our proficiency to effortlessly maintain your institution’s natural beauty and safety standards.

Tree Removal

Our arborists are highly trained and skilled in climbing and dismantling trees in the tree removal process. It is important to know that you are using well trained and qualified Arborists when you call upon someone to remove your trees.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Besides tree removal, our certified arborists can also remove unwanted tree stumps which can be an eyesore and a trip hazard and can also waste valuable outdoor space. Even small stumps can take years to rot.

Tree Pruning & Lopping

Tree pruning or tree trimming serves to provide lighter, clear growth from service wires & buildings and can enhance a view.

Tree Mulching & Chipping

Mulches are materials required to place over the soil to keep moisture in order to improve soil conditions. Tree mulching is also required for the health of a tree. Mulch not only reduces water loss from the soil but also minimizes weed growth, and improves soil structure. 

Tree Health & Care

Every technique by our certified arborists is used for the purpose of creating and maintaining healthy trees, enhancing the beauty of the trees and their surrounds and minimising risk in trees.

Tree Consultations & Planning

One of the most important aspects of tree management and particularly planning in urban areas is selecting the right species for planting in a particular situation.

In the last 12 months over


  • Trees Lopped

  • Hedges & Bushes Trimmed

  • Palmes Pruned

  • Cats Rescued

  • Raccoon Weird Looks Recieved

  • Stumps Grinded & Removed

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Professional School Tree Removal Solutions in Melbourne

Expert Care for a Safer School Environment

Harry’s Yard excels in Professional School Tree Removal Solutions, tailored for Melbourne’s educational settings. Our expert arborists ensure safe, swift, and eco-conscious tree removal, which is vital for the safety and aesthetics of your school environment.

We prioritise precision, employing advanced techniques and strict safety protocols to deliver top-notch service with minimal disruption. Trust our specialised team for seamless tree removal, maintaining your campus's beauty and compliance with environmental standards. Choose Harry’s Yard for dependable, efficient tree management that safeguards your educational community.

  • 24/7

    Our top notch arborists are available to provide a full range of tree related services. We work around the clock and can take care of your needs no matter what day or time it is!


    Arborist cares about your safety. That's why we offer $20 million in coverage for public liability to ensure our customers, their property and the people around them are safe while they work on site with us!


    We've been in the tree service industry for over 20 years and we're committed to delivering nothing but the best. Call us today or book online, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

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