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Essential Standing Desk Accessories

Standing desks provide solutions that promote a healthy and convenient working environment by catering to the ergonomic needs of its users. Further to their convenience-based design, best accessories for standing desk further improve what a plain standing desk cannot provide.

Whether it's monitors that are too low, chairs lacking the correct support, keyboards that are too high, or any number of common pitfalls, home office setups are often ergonomic wastelands. Unfortunately, that will usually lead to soreness and injury.

Most workers would benefit from taking a look at how they most often work at home and adjusting it to make things a little easier on their bodies. Maybe it's a monitor arm to reduce neck strain or a standing desk to help your back. An ergonomic desk setup will not only reduce injuries but can also give you more energy and focus.

Remember that having the correct ergonomic accessories is only the first step. You also need to use them correctly. After all, having a standing desk that you never raise up doesn't do you much good. 

What Are Standing Desk Accessories?

Standing desk accessories are tools that work alongside your standing desk to improve your standing desk's functionality, comfort, and ergonomics.

When used correctly, standing desk accessories make standing at the desk as comfortable as possible and reduce muscle strain at the end of the day.

They can also make your workspace much more organized and provide a sleeker appearance.

What Are The Different Types of Standing Desk Accessories?

There are a wide range of accessories that can be helpful to you in using your standing desk. But, perhaps the most important accessory to choose is something to stand on.

Standing on hard surfaces all day can negatively affect your feet, legs, and back.

However, standing on the right kind of surface can relieve muscle and joint pain and even provide a slight workout while you stand. 

Standing desk accessories may also help you to organize your workspace more effectively by managing cords and cables and giving you somewhere to put pens, pencils, and other small desk supplies.

How Does Standing Desk Accessories Work?

Standing desk accessories work differently depending on the type of accessory.

Standing desk accessories that you stand on typically work by relieving pressure from standing on a hard surface.

They may also encourage you to move your body and legs more naturally, which reduces repetitive motion issues and fatigue at the end of the day.

Some standing desk accessories that you stand on can even provide you with ways to fidget and move around, which can improve your focus and concentration.

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What to Look For In The Best Standing Desk Accessories?


You probably use your standing desk for most if not all of the day, so you need durable accessories to hold up to consistent use.

This is especially important for accessories that you stand on, which can take a lot of wear and tear.


Your standing desk setup looks attractive and non-distracting in your home or office workspace.

Therefore, you need accessories that integrate well with your standing desk as far as fit and colour. Click for more info. 


Some standing desk accessories will provide meaningful support and usefulness throughout your workday, while others may seem useful but not actually offer many benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Desk

Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health and experts have long been advising people to stand at their workstations for about 15 minutes an hour. But a University of Waterloo professor says his research shows that people should be standing for at least 30 minutes per hour to get health benefits.

The consensus is that going barefoot is better than uncomfortable or unsupportive shoes, especially when combined with an anti-fatigue mat. However, if you are concerned about the health of your muscles, then it is best to have comfortable, supportive shoes while you're standing for more than a few minutes at a time.

Standing too long, especially in the incorrect posture, can lead to the exact issues caused by sitting, such as back and neck pain as well as an increased risk for joint pain.

Standing desks are also linked to higher rates of productivity by as much as 45%. Users may also have better heart rates, improved energy levels, and a better mood overall than those who only sit. Switching from sitting to standing while working at your desk is an easy change to make.

This is where the sit-stand switch comes into play. As a benchmark, we recommend changing your position every 30 minutes. Start slowly. No need to overdo it and suffer additional physical stress and strain.

Standing Desk Accessories

Cable Management - Avoiding Messy Cables

The presence of wires around your standing desk is a given if you are going to be working on a computer or any other device on it. However, as standing desks have frequently moving parts, cables can often get tangled and caught while also making your workplace quite messy. Our cable management products solve both of these issues, giving an affordable alternative to these cluttering, sometimes dangerous cables.

Wire Extender - Extra Cable Length

Wires are not always available at the desired length and can be quite inconvenient when they don't reach, particularly with a standing desk with adjustable heights. Our wire extender allows you to extend the length of your standing desk wires to solve this issue. The potential of your standing desk can truly be extended when you equip it with a wire extender alongside other accessories for standing desks.


Cpu Holders - Secure Your Desktop

Standing desks generally go hand-in-hand with computers, with these desks often purposefully bought to provide a sit or stand option for workstations. Obstacles to raising the height of your adjustable desk are the movement of wires and having floor obstructions that hinder movement. Placing the system unit above the table can defeat the purpose as it consumes space and clutters your desk. Therefore, our CPU holder may be the best solution for this. Your CPU is still beneath the table but not causing any obstruction.

Privacy And Modesty Panels

In some cases, you may wish for some extra privacy at your standing desk. There are two options for privacy that we provide. Firstly, you can use modesty panels underneath your desk so you can hide any messy wires or clutter to give a more professional look. Secondly, we also provide privacy panels/walls for over your desk, giving you extra peace of mind if privacy is required. Both of them can be easily attached to the edge of your desk, instantly giving it a more professional look.

Monitor Stands - Eye Ergonomics

Standing desks aim to improve office ergonomics. This aim can also be applied to your computer display, with our monitor stands offering you the option of adjusting your screen to a height that is suitable for you. Alongside height adjustment, this monitor stand also allows you to angle your computer screen to ensure you aren't straining your neck or eyes any more than necessary. It also takes up little to no room on your desk and lifts your screen from your desk – space optimization is a major factor with this product. Find more.

Grommets - More Wire Management

Decluttering and wire management are achieved by strategically placing a hole in your desk, allowing the wires to pass through seamlessly without cluttering your desk. Grommets provide a solution to make these holes presentable and professional. We have a wide range of basic grommets that are perfect for this solution. However, they are not all limited to this single purpose. These ergonomic desk accessories are also available with USB ports and power outlets, offering more value yet to this desk accessory.

Standing Desk Organizer Drawers - Extra Storage

As standing desks only have a single platform, you may require extra space to store books, documents, or accessories. One of the best standing desk accessories is our under-desk drawer which is a perfect, compact solution for the extra storage space you will need at your desk. This space saver can be attached to the underside of your tabletop and is lockable. Secure storage without the compromise of taking up floor space!

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Under Desk Drawer Organizer Desk Drawer Attachment

Unlike most regular desks, standing desks usually do not have designated drawers for pens and pencils. These desk drawer organizers easily attach to just about any standing desk using non-marking adhesive tape.  You can make it easy to access your pens, pencils, and accessories without causing permanent damage to the desk.

The drawers can easily be pulled out whenever you need to access something in them. They have a very narrow footprint of only 1.34in, so they typically won't make your standing desk too thick.


  • A very affordable way to add storage to your standing desk
  • Easy to attach and will not permanently damage your standing desk
  • Narrow enough that they are unlikely to make your standing desk too thick


  • More difficult to pull out when they are weighed down with lots of supplies
  • Only come in white or grey colour options, which may not match many standing desks

Balance Board

The iMovR Gymba balance board is a favourite, thanks to a design completely different from most balance boards. Balance boards are a fantastic addition for a standing desk user because the extra movement keeps your muscles activated and your blood flowing. The issue with typical balance board designs is that they allow too much movement. This is great for balance or strength training but not ideal for working at a desk because it takes away from your focus.

And that's why the Gymba is special. You can get a ton of movement without having to balance. The design has some extra bonuses too. Typical balance boards are flat on top and can hurt your feet if you use them without shoes. They can also damage your floor. The Gymba's curved surface is comfortable in socks or barefoot, and the carpeted bottom is floor-friendly. It also comes with two massaging balls, has a weight capacity of 660 pounds, and is backed by a 5-year warranty. Of course, the Gymba was designed around working, so if you're looking for a challenge from your balance board, this probably isn't right.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

An anti-fatigue mat is an essential accessory for your standing desk, providing a comfortable experience and helping you to stand for longer if you wish. Our cushioned standing desk footpad also helps prevent body aches and pains, with its gel foam core providing optimum support. Having comfortable shoes for your standing desk is unnecessary if you have a reliable anti-fatigue mat.

Cable Management Tray Accessory

A good anti-fatigue mat is essential for standing desk users because it will allow you to stand for much longer by avoiding spinal compression and foot pain. The Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat takes things a step further because it has terrain features. These allow you to stand in different ways, stretching different muscles in your legs along the way.

This mat is also made from 100 percent polyurethane, so it's very durable and comes with a 7-year warranty. However, one issue to keep in mind is that the mat can slide easily on slippery floors and because parts of it are raised, this could make for a tripping hazard.

Monitor Arm

Monitor's arms are crucial for standing desk users because your spine stretches out when you stand, so you'll want to be able to adjust your monitor up a little bit to avoid hunching over. 

Standing desks are naturally shakier than fixed-height desks, and if you don't buy a quality monitor arm, those shakes tend to amplify even more when they show up on your screen. This important stability is an area where the Ergotron LX excels, with tight joints and strong metal construction. Check this useful source.

The Ergotron LX provides plenty of flexibility too. It can handle screens up to 25 pounds and 34 inches diagonally. In addition, it will raise your monitor up to 13 inches, enough for many users but might not be enough for taller users.


Wrist injuries are among the most common injuries among office workers because it's so easy to have poor wrist ergonomics. For example, you want to keep your wrist straight to your forearm so your tendons can run unobstructed.

The Microsoft Sculpt goes a long way to that end by having a split keyset design to keep your wrists relaxed. One really nice detail is the split space bar that makes it easier to push from different positions and actually register. A separate number pad is also great for ergonomics because it allows you to get your mouse closer to the keyboard and cut down on reaching.

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Conclusion: Optimize Your Standing Desk

These essential standing desk accessories are much more than ornaments or decorations. They were designed to solve problems that are encountered by standing desk users and optimize their experience with the desk. Standing desks with the right accessories are investments for your workstation and, more importantly, your health.

Standing desks are a great way to improve your ergonomics and your comfort throughout your workday.

The right accessories can make your standing desk more comfortable and ergonomic and reduce muscle strain at the end of a workday.

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